The Authentic Taste

Who We Are

Shawarmista is a traditional Middle Eastern Street Food shawarma experience

shawarmista is a Dubai born fresh casual chain of restaurants that promotes on the concept of Arabic cuisine.

Fresh ingredients and traditional recipes make shawarmista shawarma a pioneer among Dubai’s Fresh Casual category.   

What We Offer


Delight your guests with the rich variety of colors and flavors you can only find in a Hijazi spread. We have several catering packages to suit every event type, size, and budget – talk to us and we’ll help you determine which one is best for your party.

Private Dining

Looking for a more intimate set-up? For your private dining needs, look no further in the UAE. Our function rooms can be customized to suit any occasion, and we will gladly lend you a hand in picking out the best dishes to ensure your exclusive dinner is a memorable time for years to come.

Online Delivery

Indulge your cravings in the comforts of your own home with Hijaziyat’s online delivery service, and experience the same top-notch quality and service we are known for with just a few clicks. 

On Demand Order

If you are seeking a more personal and unique dining getaway to escape the whirl of activities in the UAE, you have come to the right place. Our team can help you craft the ultimate dining experience that is specifically tailored to your wants and needs. 

Shawarmista Restaurant & Cafe Dubai UAE, SAUDI, USA

    +971 52 7462872